Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

A content management system, or CMS, is a comprehensive web-solution that is used to manage your website’s content on a daily basis. With an effective CMS, website owners will be able to seamlessly add, edit, remove, draft and/or publish HTML content.

Abide Infotech offers CMS customer solutions and develops secure, dynamic websites containing back-end CMS in order to control aspects of front-end website. in the web development industry, as a Content Management System or by the acronym, CMS, it compliments a website by providing webmasters and website owners with the tools to manage their website's content themselves. (With the CMS the webmaster can easily manage the websites navigation, seo, content and other assets like images, video and other files by way of an easy to use and intuitive interface.)

Owning the framework means that we can develop websites around our customers' unique requirements and ensures improved security and a quicker turnaround when updating, enhancing or debugging.

Almost every business website makes utility of a CMS. A CMS is essential because it serves as an all-in-one management for your website’s content. Also, since most of our clients are unfamiliar with HTML and coding, a CMS allows businesses to manage even the most complex aspects of their website with ease.

Custom Management Solutions

A CMS is important in being able to manage your website’s content. But an effective CMS also offers a host of other business-related solutions. Custom, user-friendly controls will help businesses perform the seamless management of often complex tasks. Our custom management solutions also contain an added SEO benefit that will heavily assist in your business’ ranking on search engines such as Google. These custom management solutions assist in providing timely and efficient changes to a business’ website.

CMS customization depends on project requirements. Integration features as well as major performance characteristics of CMS systems are described below.

Typical Integration:

  • Integration of Payment
  • Integration of Domain Name
  • Registration System
  • Integration of Web Hosting Plan

CMS (content management solutions) features:

  • Feedback Management
  • Online Survey Management
  • Admin & Sub-Admin Management
  • Quiz Management
  • Site Usage Tracking Management (for tracking user activities)
  • Multilingual Words Management (for multilingual websites)
  • Customer Management
  • Links Management
  • Banner Ad Management
  • Product Management
  • Category Management
  • Newsletter Management
  • Job Management
  • Other

A content management system (CMS) is an application that stores all of your content in a password-protected database and displays it according to your design. It includes an administrative interface that allows an authorized user (or several users) to add, edit, remove, review, search, publish, archive, or rearrange the content in various ways. Typically a CMS requires special software for editing and manipulating pages and files.

You might want to consider partnering with Abide Infotech to develop a CMS for your business if:

  • You want a large, dynamic site with several different features
  • Your site needs frequent updates
  • You’re just looking for a site that you can easily maintain yourself (rather than paying a Web developer to keep it updated for you)

Different types of content management systems can have several advantages over static Websites:

  • CMS-based sites are easily maintained by anyone; even non-technical users
  • The site structure conforms to Web standards and is search-engine friendly, leading to better search engine visibility and more traffic to your site
  • The site owner can assign multiple users to update different areas of the site