.NET Development

.NET Development

As one of region’s leading mobile application developer Abide Infotech provides design, development and integration of business solutions on .NET platform. Our team of experienced .NET architects, analysts and developers delivers a wide range of comprehensive asp.net mobile web development solutions in the following key areas:

  • .Net desktop and web applications development
  • .Net software product development
  • Migration of web and desktop applications to .Net
  • Web services based .Net application development

.NET desktop and web application development

To succeed in today’s ever evolving, dynamically changing business environments, such features as easy GUI navigation, flexibility to change business processes, data mining and data transformation services (DTS) - are crucial for desktop or web applications.

Other really important issues are security, role-based access of information, backup / archiving, fail-safe and auto recovery as well as trail-back and application logs. To achieve these widely needed business goals, Abide Infotech developers use the full range of .NET framework functionality in building both sophisticated stand-alone applications and hosted applications.

.Net software product development

We are committed to providing .NET software product development services, custom-made to fit clients' requirements and business goals, through in-depth understanding of the independent software vendors and software product companies' needs such as: short term development and testing lifecycles; reducing software development and support costs; and enhancing product functionality for generating added value to customers.

Our .NET based software product development and engineering framework encompasses the whole life-cycle starting with: strategic planning & conceptualization, architecture & design, development, testing, deployment and enhancements - up to porting and ongoing support of the end-to-end custom-built software product.