Pay per Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay per Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay per click (PPC) advertising allows you to place image display and text-based Ads on search engine results pages, many social media sites and relevant websites that feature advertising messages. Although you are potentially exposing your ads and brand to millions of online consumers, you only pay when those potential targets express an interest and engage through clicking on your ad for more information on your website. When managed well, PPC campaigns can drive targeted traffic to your site, and convert those clicks into customers

Our PPC management and search engine marketing programs deliver cost-effective results to grow your business.

Our pay-per-click advertising team provides research and implementation, PPC management and search engine marketing expertise to drive targeted traffic to your website and convert clicks to customersa€|a€|a€|a€|a€|a€|a€|..

Pay Per Call Advertising is a no brainer for any business that wants to receive phone calls from interested clients. With Pay Per Call Advertising you can receive phone calls directly to your business from millions of ready-to-buy customers who are actively searching the above popular web sites, search engines, online directories, and directory assistance providers in your local area.

  • Your ad can be clicked on 1,000's of times, but you only pay when your ad generates phone calls from these customers.

Pay Per Call Feature List:

  • Receive new phone call leads directly to your business.
  • Pay only after the customer calls you
  • You determine the price per call
  • Do you want to appear in your city or nationwide? It is up to you!
  • Would you like to receive phone calls from 8-5 your time... OK!
  • Set your maximum budget per month so you never go over budget.
  • All you have to do is answer the phone!